cuthereDonating your hair couldn’t be easier!

Simply follow the easy four step process:

1. Sign up on this website

You can create your own sponsorship page, or download our ready-made form. Click here for more information.

2. Start fundraising

Ask your friends and family to sponsor you. They can sponsor you with a lump sum, or with an amount per centimetre grown.

3. Grow your hair

Your hair has to be a minimum of 30cm long, from where you want to cut it. If you want to reach even greater lengths, we would love you to grow 35 or even 40cm!

4. Cut it off

To cut your hair, put it in a ponytail just below where you want to begin cutting from. Plait the hair and put another tie at the bottom. Cut off the plait. Then you can think about what style you want for your fab new do!

A project of Zichron Menachem