happy girl

Your hair, their smile.

Many children with cancer have chemotherapy treatment which makes their hair fall out. Your hair could help to make a much needed custom-made wig for an Israeli child and make them feel beautiful inside and out.

Your hair may become part of a custom-made wig for a child with cancer, but it also has a lot more power than that!

Your hair can finance an alternative therapy or drive a sick child to the hospital.

Your hair can be the greatest psychological therapy for a child.

It can be a relaxation series.

A pain reliever.

The most stunning art therapy.

A support group.

The greatest birthday gift that a child with cancer will receive.

The more money you raise in sponsorship, the more you will help Zichron Menachem provide:

• custom-made wigs
• therapies
• camps
• fun days
• alternative therapies
• birthday parties
• support groups

A project of Zichron Menachem